A Guide on Made to Measure Suits

Made to measure suit services and bespoke suit services are two different things, yet these terms are used interchangeably. While the difference between them is not very vast, it is still profound enough to create the need to differentiate between them both, well. Bespoke suit services create a suit for a man, entirely from scratch to specifically suit his body type. Each and every aspect of the suit is chosen by the customer specifically from scratch, including the finer details like the texture of the fabric, style of stitches and other fine detailing like the density of the fabric etc.

On the other hand, made to measure suit services leverage a base version of a man’s suit and adapt it for your needs. Think of it like this. If Aston Martin could build you a one of a kind car, letting you choose everything from the engine to the interiors, design and the works, then this just like a bespoke suit service. On the other hand, if you were given the option to customize the DB11 to your liking, then it is the perfect likeness to a made to measure suit service.

made to measure suit fitting

At Niro Fashion we specialize in the latter. It caters to a larger audience, it is more affordable and everyone requires a made to measure suit service, (even if you think you don’t need one!). We carry multiple years of experience in understanding your dressing needs. We adopt a fine blend of fashion and style consulting and masterful tailoring to provide you with an impeccable personalized men’s suit.

Our Made to Measure Suit Process:

Fabric Selection: The entire essence of the suit depends on the type of fabric you choose. Most people like a lightweight fabric that feels comfortable while some prefer the high-quality feel of a heavier material of wool. Details such as the pattern of the fabric, the texture of the cloth and the colour come to play here. Our expert consultants who have numerous years of experience in fashion styling will guide you through this step and help you understand what is the best choice for you when you are getting a made to measure suit made for yourself.

Measurement: In this step, we proceed to take all the measurements of your body like the size of your chest, waist, shoulders, forearms and more. We will even guide you over Skype to help you measure yourself to give you a complete E-commerce based experience. We believe that fit is supreme so you can be sure of your own personal made to measure suit fitting you like a glove. We incorporate allowances in size as well. This way your suit will last you a few years down the line.

Made to Measure Suits

Detailing: This step marks the final part of our suit-making process. We will help you choose all the extra details that make the right suit for your requirements. We are talking about the lapel style, cuffs, pocket types, flaps and so on. These fine details of your made to measure suit will help you stand out from the crowd and make you look dapper.

Reach out to us today with your made to measure suit requirements and equip your wardrobe with a high quality made to measure suit that strikes all the right chords in terms of fit, looks and feel.