Messenger Bags, Perfect Partners for your Daily Commute

For many years now backpacks have been the staple choice for men. This is most unfortunate because while backpacks bring a sense of utility to the equation of your style, only messenger bags can manage to redefine your style. Messenger bags have a discrete yet very effective look. They don’t interfere with your appearance how a backpack does by covering your back completely. The most important reason to choose a messenger bag over a traditional backpack is its ability to enhance your style.

What you get with a messenger bag is a great way for you to carry your stuff around and managing to look cool while doing it. Messenger bags today are crafted to match mainstream style. If you look hard enough you will find one that will go with the style of the clothes you prefer to wear most of the time. We have some good ones that are going to sort out the storage needs for your daily commute with multiple dressing scenarios.

So we have decided to compile a list of stylish messenger bags that are a natural fit for your style. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Denim and Leather bag

Unisex Denim and Leather bag: If you live and breathe denim, then this bag is a must-have. The RMC Jeans denim bag is reinforced at the bottom with a sturdy leather construction. The sling handle of the bag is styled with the brand’s signature Tsunami Wave design. Equipped with plenty of storage space for your iPad, laptop computer, notebooks, some pens and a water bottle, this one right here is a superior mix of style and form factor.

Office bag from RMC MKWS

Black Laminated Tartan Office bag: When it comes to office style, you can be sure that RMC Jeans will always get it right! Simple and compact by design, this is pretty much a straightforward approach to creating an office bag. Equipped with a heavy-duty detachable sling and one main compartment and a back pocket, both secured by red zippers. This RMC MKWS office bag is an ideal mate for office goers.

Mens Despatch bag

Black Nylon bag: This one is for the fans of monochrome. Styled in black, the signature RMC jeans logo adorns the front side of the bag. It is equipped with detachable leather handles and a sling. The bag has three main pockets that handle all your storage duties and they are secured with a zip closure. This bag from RMC Jeans is designed to look great on you when you are dressed in smart casuals as well.

Pink Laminated Canvas bag

Shoulder bag: We are aware that purists may find this final pick on the list to be completely different from a typical messenger bag. But it sure does pack a punch in the style department, this is the main reason why the RMC MKWS bag features on our list today. It is crafted from a laminated cotton canvas fabric. It has an elasticated pocket apart from the slit small pocket and the large main pocket. It has a refreshingly sporty look and is made for the man who is a fan of athleisure.