Important Tips on How to Store your Precious Bespoke Suits

Suits are an important clothing item in a man’s wardrobe. He uses them in almost all the major or important events in his life; be it his prom, engagement, wedding, or even anniversaries. Apart from these, a suit is also an important part of his career. He has to look his best at the most important meetings at his office and that is what suits are designed for, to look good and create a first best impression. In many men’s wardrobe, this is also probably the most expensive piece of clothing they own. Although busy businessmen need to wear suits daily, others who are into a different profession may get an opportunity to wear a suit occasionally. Hence for the majority of time, they are just stacked away in the back of the closet. However, such an expensive and important piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe needs special attention and care when it is stored away, else you will be sorry when you wear it next time.

Here are some important tips that one can use when storing away their expensive made to measure suits:

How to Store your Bespoke Suits
  1. Coat hangers are the most important item to consider while storing away your suits. Unlike your broad shoulders, the hangers could be thin and cause irreplaceable damage to the suit. The thin-wired hangers can really put the pads that are present on the shoulder out of shape and create puckering in the shoulder. Hence investing in a good coat hanger is very important. Opt for the appropriately made wooden holders that use premium woods which will offer your suit the same support that your shoulders do and helps secure and expand the life of your apparel.
  2. Cleaning your suit before storing it away is important. Cleaning here does not mean that every time you wear your favourite bespoke suit, you give it to dry cleaning. Frequent dry cleaning can actually harm the fabric of the suit. It can fade and thin the fabric of the suit. After every wear, it is advised to brush the suit with a lint/clothes brush to remove all the dust particles sitting on it. It also helps to prevent lint. That is all the cleaning you need on a regular basis. Dry cleaning should be a twice a year affair for your suits. If you detect a stain on your suit, all you need is a hand steamer to remove it.
  3. Your suit needs a good breathing area where you store it. If you store it in an airtight suit bag it can ruin the fabric of your suit and it can also become vulnerable to mould or moth infestation. Hence while storing it don’t cram it, give it ample space to breathe. If you want to use a suit bag use a garment bag so that the suit can still breathe from within. Cramming it can also wrinkle the suit. Do not store your suit as soon as you remove it. First, allow it to air out for about 24 hours and only then you can store it.
  4. Before storing it away unbutton the suit and check for any items remaining in the suit pockets. Remove all of it to keep the suit in its original shape.
made to measure suits

If you follow these pointers, you can make your pricy made to measure suits last for a longer period of time and every time you wear it, it will look as good as new!