Why Made to Measure?

“The suit maketh the man,” is a saying that we have all heard from either our father or a wise old teacher. This couldn’t be any more meaningful than it already is! But do you know what? If it is the case that all it took was a suit to make a man look good, then why don’t all men look great in suits by default? The simple answer to this question is, there is more to a suit and a man than what meets the eye. There is a secret somebody behind the scenes, working hard to make a man look good and that is your tailor. He crafts the suit, recommends what looks good, what works and how you need to wear them. A suit made from a tailor exclusively can be the difference between receiving compliments all day long for your attire, or not.

The fact is, you can’t make it very far in the world of sartorial goodness without a touch of a great tailor or a great made to measure suit service. Fortunately for you, we have perfected this age-old art of dressing up men well. We have some brilliant craftsmen amongst us who have had multiple decades of years of experience in conjuring magnificence with their fingers. While we have the resources you still need a vision for what you are trying to achieve, so let us quickly look at the top five rules of style.

Necktie for Men

Permutation and Combinations: While it is not rocket science, smart dressing is not exactly a walk in the park either. It does need a little bit of effort, just a little. This can translate into large rewards with time. Form the colour of your suit jacket, shirt, neck tie and accessories to the looks of your footwear, everything matters. Attention to detail is the name of the game. Having a great grasp of how colour combinations and suit fabric patterns work can be a lifesaver.

Oxford shirt for men

Fit is Supreme: There is absolutely no substitute for well-fitted attire. A good suit offers a close body-hugging fit. It should highlight the structure of your physique while making sure that it allows you enough comfort and freedom of movement. The dress shirt and the suit jacket must rest on the shoulder without the length of either of the apparels exceeding the length of your shoulder.

Taper the Trousers and Sleeves: The sleeves of your shirt and the leg area of your trousers must not be too loose. A nice tapered structure to both the shirt and the trousers gives the entire ensemble a sleek and an attractive look. It also accentuates the important aspects of your attire, the tie and shoes really well.

Disanto Leather Shoes

Footwear Matters: A great suit is complete only with the use of well-polished and neat looking shoes. Ideally, your choice of shoes must be white leather shoes. Their sleek and streamlined look give your suit an air of sophistication. Brogue shoes are perfectly acceptable with a suit as well, although they are considered less formal than oxfords.

Reach out to today with you made to measure clothing needs. The effectiveness of a suit increases exponentially when you take the custom approach to it. A special occasion deserves to be graced with the charisma of a bespoke suit. A great suit, in turn, deserves the classy touch of custom tailoring.