Dressing Up for the Workplace

A typical corporate office environment today has changed a lot. From the way it looks to the way it feels, most office spaces today are a refreshing change compared to the past. Today we live in a world where we know more about science, human psychology and technology. Office environments are getting lively. The decor almost always includes colours that are known to relax the mind. They look exciting and attractive. This probably is a stark contrast to the office environments where our dads used to work.

But that’s not all, the dress code is different as well. We have moved well past the time where a black suit was the norm. Just like the office decor, the dress code has become significantly more relaxed. If you don’t wear a suit to the office no one is going to give you that cold thousand yard stare. You can get all comfy and cosy with your attire when you work. But there is one problem with ditching your suit and other tidbits that help you dress smartly in favour of slacks and coloured shirts. Everyone is doing the same too!

So instead of just blending into the sea of ‘relaxed workplace attire, you should walk the extra mile and incorporate some serious smart dressing into your daily attire. You need to do all this without looking like you are trying too hard to dress sharply! Here are some ideas.

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Get the Balancing Act Right: If you work in an environment where suits are a very rare sight, then it probably is not a very good idea to frequently be seen in one. There lies some danger in making too much of a spectacle of yourself as well. The best way around this situation is to substitute your suit jacket for something that is a lot more casual in its approach. Try on Sports jackets, casual jackets, blazers, and double-breasted casual coats, they are the perfect substitute for your suit jacket. They will also ensure that you don’t look like you are trying too hard! What we are basically trying to do here is to dress down your attire without completely eliminating it.

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Work with Colours: Smart dressing with the use of great colours is surely going to get you noticed. Plain colours are easy to match. But there is no denying that they can become boring. The moment you decide to bring some colours into your attire there is more interest created in it. Just like colours patterns play a huge role in defining your style. Checks and stripes are the most commonly used ones. Check out our collection of shirts from Carhartt to get your hands one some brilliant solid coloured shirts.

Well-fitting Trousers: Most men prefer to wear trousers that are saggy and bigger than the size that fits them. This is done in the quest for comfort and sometimes to hide a body type. But the thing about great attire is that it begins with a great fit. So always ensure that you get well-fitting trousers, every time you decide to go for tailored clothing.

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Smart Casuals: Brightening up your workwear with the upbeat attitude of casuals and the sophistication of smart attire is a great way to create interest. It also happens to be great to create some variety as well. Smart casuals pack quite a punch. Time to load up on some slim fit denim jeans from Armani Jeans! They are an absolute essential for the workplace.