Get Used to the Stretch

Remember the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? The sartorial equivalent of that would be ‘don’t judge an apparel based on what it is made of’. Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound so elegantly proverbial at the first glance, but you get the point! Which brings us to the important topic that we would like to touch on today. Stretch denim jeans! They are one item of a man’s wardrobe that has been battered with relentless criticism in the past, for no single good reason! Many men avoid it simply because of the fact that they are made of elastane, better known as ‘Spandex’ or ‘Lycra’.

Spandex is a material that is predominantly used in the creation of clothing items for women. This is the only reason why stretch denim jeans carry a bad rep among men. Quite honestly we think this dull-witted perception of what is otherwise an incredible product in every way. First of all, just because the denim jeans contain spandex in the fabric, doesn’t mean that you are going to look like you are dressed in spandex! So let go of your apprehension dear friends because you will not believe what a close and a comfortable fit and feel stretch denim jeans are capable of giving you.

Because of their ability to conform to your body, they fit like no other pair of trousers you will ever wear. Secondly, spandex fibres are extremely durable. This means what you get with stretch denim jeans is an extremely durable product. Without further ado, we present to you the best of our collection of stretch denim jeans for men. Buckle up people!

Stretch Denim Jeans

Versace Mens Stretch Denim Jeans: The fashion outfit from Italy is a champion of form factor. It comes as no surprise that this collection of denim jeans from Versace is nothing short of spectacular. The stretch denim jeans from Versace are styled with the standard five pocket design, a faded look and cool branding cues. They evoke the awesomeness of a pair of faded selvedge denim jeans whilst offering superior comfort and the best fit ever. A winning combination indeed.

Armani stretch denim jeans for men

Denim Jeans from the House of Armani: The casual clothes wing of the legendary Giorgio Armani studios brings to you this spectacular collection. Armani denim jeans are to die for. No this is not an understatement. The collection comprises of denim jeans that are designed with the finest attention to detail you will ever see in a casual fashion apparel. Even with Armani Jeans’ simplistic approach to design, the denim jeans bear a unique sense of style. Super comfortable and unparalleled good looks come effortlessly with this collection.

Scotch and Soda stretch jeans

Denims from Scotch and Soda: A very powerful name in the fashion industry, Scotch and Soda helps its customers and fans understand its design philosophy better. Niro Fashion brings to you the best of the collection of stretch denim jeans from Scotch and Soda. You are going to have a great pair of stretch denim jeans in your hands. Check them out!

RMC Jeans

RMC Jeans: The epitome of bold jeans has a stretch denim game as well. As it turns out, the quirky denim jeans maker is playing it well too. The classic design and the contemporary fit and feel of these masterpieces are certain to get you all excited. RMC Jeans for the win people, enough said!