Dressing for Health During Pandemic

Fashion is one thing, but clothing was invented to protect oneself from natural elements such as rain, sun, cold, heat, snow, etc. The fashion industry only made clothes look presentable. Now with the coronavirus running rampant, it has turned many who would not mind a little sneeze or cough from a nearby person to become a germophobe. The world has come a long way during this outbreak. We would say “God Bless You” to someone who sneezed a few months back but one sneeze or a cough from anyone will scare people more than anything today!

People have started wearing masks to protect themselves from inhaling the infected air when around others. However, it is a known fact that a mask may be inefficient to protect you completely from the virus. Hence people are now layering themselves with two to three layers to make the masks more efficient and protect themselves against the coronavirus. However, many people feel wearing a mask can be an ordeal in itself, but you can make it more presentable and fun by adding your own stylish touch to it. Learn it from the style-conscious guys who can even make the most of the current situation to look as stylish and sharp as possible.

Red Snood from RMC Jeans

This is where our snoods come in handy. Snoods are extremely useful in places with a colder climate. Snoods are used to cover the face when you step out of the house to protect yourself from the cold weather. However, you can also use the snood as an extra layer over your mask. This will not just provide you with the protection of an extra layer, but will also hold your mask in place. It will keep your neck and face covered when you go out for a walk or run an errand, thereby preventing you from touching your face several times in the pretext of adjusting your mask. It is an extremely useful accessory from the pandemic point of view.

Our snoods come in various attractive colours and prints. They are also reversible and in one snood you get two different designs so that is an added advantage. The snood is so versatile, it can be used as a neck and face-covering accessory, its reversible, and with toggle and pull cord closure, it can also be used as a cap and can be worn over your head too.

Mens Snoods from RMC Jeans

This accessory is not just an accessory but an essential item in your wardrobe in the current time. It will not just help you add an extra layer of protection when somebody accidentally sneezes or coughs but will also keep you warm in the cold weather.

Look stylish while protecting yourself from the dreaded coronavirus!