Dressing for Video Conferencing

Most of us have seen only the top half of most of the newsreaders and many of them have earned the admiration for how well they present the news as well as how they dress and present themselves while they are on air. For all we know, they might be wearing extremely comfortable sweatpants below their waist, but what they show to the world is a crisp and sharply dressed journalist! No one imagined a day would come when a major part of the world will be working and schooling from home and most of us are attending several video conferences a day. But unlike the newsreaders, many of the regular people’s video conferencing videos are going viral for various glitches such as their kids entering the room from behind or people unaware that they are on video. They are dressing themselves up before the conference is due to start, but there are also many memes being generated where they even show that they have an official look above the waist and a totally casual from below.

Mens grey cardigan

Well funny stuff aside, as we plunge deep into quarantine the more the world is relying on apps like Zoom and Google Meet to conduct video conferencing, be it schools, offices, or even a doctor’s consultation. Hence most of us are now sailing in very unfamiliar territory. Earlier we had a routine, we would get up, get ready and head to the office. Now the office is at home, so for many, it is confusing. Many even appear online with bad hair or an unshaven face or even in a nightdress. But remember that you are still working, and there is the same etiquette to follow as to when you were going to work or school. Here are some suggestions on dressing for a video conference.

Cardigans: If you do not want to go all the way and dress up but still maintain an official look, cardigans are your attire of choice. They give that simple yet well-dressed look. You can wear them over your t-shirt or shirt and effortlessly look professional in no time. Check out an array of awesome- looking cardigans for men at our online store.

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Lightweight Jackets: If your office emphasizes on an official look then you can opt for lightweight jackets that offer a contemporary smart casual look and you don’t even have to fully suit up. These jackets also come in trendy colours and will add a novelty touch to your look. If you have always wanted to experiment with different colours this is also a good time as you can do it in the comfort of your home and also only a portion of your body is visible on the video. Do not forget to browse through two of our stunning lightweight jackets.

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Polo Shirts: For those who do not want to wear a shirt, here is a neat option that not just keeps you casual and comfortable but also makes you look professional enough, the polo shirts. These are great for that smart casual look for a video conference while still feeling at home. You can find a huge variety of polo shirts on our online store from some of the best brands.

For bottoms, you can still wear comfortable track pants which go well with smart casual attire or better wear jeans or chinos but you are recommended wear a real pair of pants for your video conferencing to be on the safer side.