Washable Accessories, the Need of the Hour

Cleanliness has risen to become the peak priority in our lives because of the global coronavirus pandemic. Even people who were considered “unhygienic” are surprising others with their dedication towards cleanliness. We cannot neglect one little thing when it comes to cleanliness, next thing we know the siren whirring vehicles are circling our houses!

It is essential to be cautious during this pandemic, and maintain a high level of hygiene. Whether it is yourself or the food you eat, like fruits and vegetables, washing everything is extremely important. Wearing a mask, cleaning hands frequently with soap, washing your clothes and taking a shower is crucial once you enter the home from outside to protect your home and family from the deadly virus. Although you can wash the majority of your clothes, accessories such as belts, wallets, bags, etc. are difficult to clean, as most of these items are made of leather or substances that are not supposed to be washed. Frequent cleaning of leather can reduce its lifespan. You cannot wash them and you have to clean them using sanitizer, but to clean a big bag or a jacket with sanitizer is difficult moreover, it can also ruin the charm of the leather.

Hence in the current scenario, it is better to use washable accessories. Using soap is better than using sanitizers as sanitizers cost a fortune these days. Washable accessories are usually made of strong material like cotton, denim, etc. and can be washed easily and will also last long. Here are some examples of the washable accessories that you can own during “Corona Times.”

Canvas Bags for men

Canvas Bags: Compared to leather bags, canvas bags are designed for rough handling. You can carry anything in these bags and they will still be strong and sturdy. The material can be washed with soap hence there is no headache of sanitizing it. Visit our online store to browse through an amazing collection of canvas and denim bags.

Denim Belts for Men

Denim Belt: Majority of brands sell belts that are made from leather, but once again sanitizing leather can ruin its look. Hence it is time to step into a new area of belts, the denim belts. These belts will give a whole new look to your ensemble. Also, they are easy to wash and the material is sturdy and will last for a long time even after frequent washes. Check out our collection here.

Caps for Men

Caps: Caps made of cloth material like denim are once again the option for present-day scenario. If you expose your hair when you step out of your house, it can act as a fomite, where the virus can settle. Hence to protect your hair, use a mens cap or any other washable cap that can be washed once you return home. Here are some of our cap collection.

snoods for men

Snoods: These are one of the most important accessories these days. The purpose of the snood is to cover the exposed area of your neck and face. You can always use them over your mask for some extra protection when you step out of the house. Check out our array of reversible and versatile snoods. A snood does not just serve a single purpose but it can also be used as a cap with its toggle and pull cord design. Its reversible design helps you have two different looking snoods for men in a single piece. These can be washed easily using soap.

mens bandana

Bandana: These are great to cover the head as well as the face. If by chance you forgot your mask, you can use the bandana to cover your face. The cotton fabric can be folded into multiple layers to cover your face. The fabric can also be washed and reused, unlike the majority of masks that lose their quality after repeated washing. Plus the bandana also comes in a variety of attractive colours that you can match with your clothing. Check them out at our online web store.

Washable accessories are better than items that need sanitizing. Also, these accessories will not only keep you safe but also make you look stylish!