Iconic Hawaiian Shirts for Men

The Golden Era of Hawaiian shirts were the 1930s to 1950s. There was a surge in U.S. Service personnel in Hawaii during WWII who patronized these shirts and soon their popularity soared. Even after the war ended, the popularity of Hawaiian shirts remained as it became popular with the tourists. It gained cult popularity as apparel that is worn during relaxing times and was also popularized by several celebrities. We have listed a few of these iconic Hawaiian shirts below.

Hawaiin Shirts for men

Elvis’ Red Aloha Shirt: Elvis Presley is seen wearing the iconic Red Aloha shirt in the movie Blue Hawaii, in which he plays the role of a young tour guide. The shirt is iconic because it had elegant prints and consisted of around three colours. The shirt print is tasteful and not garish in any way. The shirt looks classy because of its camp collar also known as a Cuban collar which gives a relaxed look to the shirt. The cream pants put the highlight on the shirt. That is the secret of wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Hawaiian shirts

President Harry Truman’s Aloha Shirt: He is the true connoisseur of Hawaiian shirts which are also known as sport shirts because of the beautiful prints, relaxed fit and camp collar. There is even a museum collection of President Truman’s all favourite Hawaiian Shirts. When he appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in an Aloha shirt, the entire nation took notice of it, and soon he became popular for his love for Hawaiian shirts which many followed in the coming days.

Tom Selleck wearing Hawaiian Shirt

Tom Selleck’s Red Jungle Bird Shirt: Tom Selleck is particularly popular with the ladies for his good looks, but when he appeared as Thomas Magnum, Private Investigator in the 80s Hawaiian based hit series, he got everybody going crazy with his superb acting skills plus his hot red aloha shirt. It became an iconic shirt. Although earlier these shirts were bought from Hawaii department store Liberty House, as the show’s popularity increased, the production house stopped buying pre-made shirts and instead started making custom shirts for all its actors by buying rolls of fabrics. After the show in 1988, Tom Selleck donated one of these popular shirts with other items from the show to the Smithsonian, where we can still see it today.

Al Pacino wearing Hawaiian Shirt

Tony Montana’s Aloha Shirt: Scarface is a cult movie and the protagonist Tony Montana played by Al Pacino is an equally cult character. The red Hawaiian shirt he wears where the drug deal goes wrong is one of the most popular Hawaiian shirts. People now still search for its replicas and it is also used for costume parties.

Jim Carey in Hawaiian Shirts

Ace Ventura’s Aloha Shirts: As popular as Jim Carrey’s character as pet detective Ace Ventura was, the Hawaiian shirts he wore throughout the movie became equally popular. It matched the crazy vibe of the pet detective perfectly. If you look closely at these shirts many stand out and maybe you would like to buy similar ones.

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