New Arrivals! Sun Surf Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirt for men

It is hard to imagine a place like Hawaii without the Hawaiian shirt. The first and probably the most popular image that one might conjure is that of Elvis Presley playing the ukulele wearing a flower garland over a beautiful red Aloha shirt with beautiful cream flower prints. That is the romanticism of Hawaiian shirts and they are a wardrobe essential. Every man must own at least one Hawaiian shirt. For some it is tradition, as soon as the sun is out, the Hawaiian shirts are out of the wardrobe. Men love to wear these shirts to their summer barbecue parties and the beaches. You do not have to be a dad or a grandad with a big paunch to wear these lovely shirts. These days many companies produce sleek designs that fit the description of the newer generation perfectly well.

But if you are a true connoisseur of Hawaiian shirts, a buff who love to collect the most authentic prints then you must look elsewhere than the regular stores. There is this one particular company from Japan, Sun Surf that specializes in bringing to life those genuine prints of Hawaiian shirts from the 1930s-1950s, why? Because this was the golden era for Hawaiian shirts, some of the most magnificent Hawaiian shirts with mind-boggling prints were developed during this period. This period was the time when the craze for Hawaiian shirts was at its peak and people flocked to buy some fantastic prints. You might know of a few men who love collecting such authentic shirts from this era of which prices can go up to thousands of dollars.

Sun Surf Shirt in Navy Blue

Well not everyone can afford the real shirts from the 1930s-1950s; however, you can own something close to it, a reproduction from this period which is so authentic that you can hardly differentiate. The quality is equally remarkable. Made from 100% rayon, it feels as smooth and comfortable as wearing silk. Rayon was the original fabric from which the Hawaiian shirts from the 1930s-1950s were constructed. The advantage is that some of these shirts are limited edition and once sold, you will never find them again because only a limited number of a particular print are printed to maintain its rarity. So you will hardly bump into another person who will be wearing a similar Sun Surf shirt like yours. The shirts are designed to have a camp collar or Cuban collar which is a very classy and relaxed collar for a sports shirt like the Hawaiian shirt, and have coconut shell buttons to keep it authentic. This type of collar and buttons are those the vintage shirts sported.

Beige Hawaiian Shirt

Sun Surf Hawaiian shirts are nothing but wearable arts. You will be mesmerized to look at the amazing designs on each limited edition shirts. Its a treat to the eyes. Owning one of these shirts is a privilege and when you step out wearing one of these shirts to your beach or barbecue parties, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Rest assured you will get hundreds of compliments for your taste in dressing. There are some fresh from the oven shirts that you would like to lay your hands on before they are all sold like hotcakes. So don’t waste time and grab your authentic vintage-style Sun Surf Hawaiian shirt now!