Immortal Looks

Over the years, there have been numerous unforgettable trends that have made their appearance on the silver screen. Some of them have gone on to leave a lasting impression on people all over the world. Some of these styles were so awe-inspiring that they have captivated the imaginations of what is today the future generation, as well. In fact, they are permanently etched into the memories of the film and fashion fraternity so deeply that these trends may never go out of contention, making them immortal.

Here are top five such trends that have achieved immortality:

Leather Biker Jacket: The moment Marlon Brando was first seen wearing one in the movie ‘The Wild One’, the Schott leather jacket that he was seen wearing in it was destined for global popularity. This is one of the single most attractive men’s apparels that you could possibly own. The combination of the white T-shirt and the leather jacket is a look that will live on forever because of its ability to make any man look macho, in an instant. There are few combinations that define masculinity like a biker jacket does and rest assured, it is going to be loved unanimously by many young men in years to come.

Black Leather Jacket for men

Sweatshirt and Chino Trousers: Paul Newman, the boy charming of Hollywood, propelled the plain and simple looks of the Sweatshirt and chino trousers into global popularity. This unconventional combination of the smart looks of the Chino trousers and a solid coloured sweatshirt had something really noticeable about it. And given the fact that Paul was frequently seen wearing them, it did not take very long for them to achieve immortality.

mens sweatshirt

White T-shirt and White Jeans: A look that came from a man who had the reputation of making the clothes that he wore look good, the combination of a plain white crew neck T-shirt and
white jeans is a look that just begs attention. It was Steve McQueen a true stuntman at heart that conjured up, mastered and perfected this look. Ideal for the summer weather, this is a look that is meant for a man whose confidence helps him pull off almost any clothes that he wears. Just like Steve!

mens white jeans

Casual Shirt and Tailored Trousers: There are not many choices of men’s attire which can let you look like you are off duty, without compromising too much on the sharpness of your look. This was a look that was cobbled together by Alain Delon, the Frenchman who was once the heartthrob of young ladies all over Europe. Alain had a penchant for smart dressing. With this hot, sexy and smart combination of a casual shirt with tailored trousers, he managed to create a look that will be the go-to choice for businessmen while enjoying a sport of leisure, for many years to come.

Breton Top and Tailored Blazer: Almost anything that came associated with James Dean has gone on to become immortal, just ask Porsche, the people who make those legendary supercars. The combination of the striped Breton T-shirt, the tailored blazer and James Dean was destined for greatness, clearly proving once and for all that the Breton top can be quite a fashionable item.