Mens White Apparel for a Charming Look

The colour white symbolises peace, purity, and positivity as it has a very calming effect on people. It is also considered the colour of the angels and a holy and reverential colour by most religions. The colour commands respect and hence is extensively used by professionals. Beyond its obvious appeal in officewear and business attire, white apparel has historically been the favourite colour for sportswear. If you scroll through most popular global sports be it baseball, cricket, polo, or tennis you will find that players used to dress in white, and still do.

Try these white apparel available at Niro Fashion to get that much sought after charming look.

Off White Sun Surf Shirt

Sun Surf Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt in Off White: One of the latest offerings from the Japanese heritage brand, this off white shirt features an amazing Musha-E drawing print that covers its entire back. What comes across as a rather simple Cuban collar shirt from the front is a masterpiece from behind. Featuring two samurai warriors in combat, this shirt is a conversation starter, to say the least. Crafted from pure cotton, this shirt also features wooden buttons for an authentic look.

Dsquared2 Slim Fit T-shirt in White

White Crew Neck Slim Fit T-shirt by Dsquared2: This white t-shirt from Dsquared2 is a classic wardrobe staple which is fashionable and reliable at the same time. Featuring just a small red text-logo on the sleeve for branding, this tee is an absolute treat for minimalists. Cut for a slim fit, this t-shirt is crafted from a stretch cotton mix for added mobility. Wear it with a pair of denim jeans for casual occasions or power it up with a blazer for a smart casual look.

Armani Jeans White knitwear

V-Neck Knitted Jumper in White from Armani Jeans: The black trim on the ribbed waistband, cuffs and collar of this v-neck knitted jumper from Armani Jeans gives it a refined look. The ideal knitwear pick for men for the changing season as it is made from 100% wool. Pair this white knitwear with just about anything in dark colour to create the perfect casual look.

white polo shirt from Moschino

Moschino Regular Fit White Polo Shirt: This white polo shirt from Moschino is the perfect example of a minimalist look with a hint of boldness. The bold text-logo in bold letters on the collar is unique and eye-catching. Throw on a pair of black denim jeans and white sneakers and you are all set for just about any casual event, trip, or an evening out with the boys.

backstrap cotton jeans from Ijin

Ijin Backstrap Cotton Jeans in White: Yes, white jeans might be a rare sight these days but it is reserved for those who can handle their food and beverages extremely well. This pair of backstrap cotton jeans from Ijin is quite unconventional and appealing. It offers an effortless way to stand out in a crowd of men wearing denim jeans in shades of blue.

Whether are planning for a weekend getaway, heading out to a ball game, attending a black-tie event, or attending a business meeting, white will never fall short in adding charm to your look. Try these white apparel available at Niro Fashion to get that much sought after charming look.