The Art of Creating Combinations

The mastery of creating great combinations is an integral part of great dressing up for men. Knowing how to create a good-looking combination can help you reinvent your style with the existing components of your wardrobe. While it may appear to look complicated, bringing two pieces of clothing together to create a mesmerizing combination is relatively easy. All it takes is a basic know-how of how colours work with each other. Another thing that separates great dressers from just a sharp dresser is knowing how to pair the different variety of fabrics together.

When you have a great resource like Niro Fashion with a diverse collection of apparel at your fingertips, creating stupendous combinations becomes easier. You get to enjoy the luxury of browsing through our collection of menswear to see what works the best for you. Throw in our made to measure suit service into the equation and you get an invaluable resource that can help you customize your style like never before. You can order tailored trousers and suit jackets individually based on a fabric and colour of your choice to match specific dressing needs. We can help you turn your dressing needs into a science! Here are some combinations available at Niro Fashion to help you gather some momentum in looking dapper.

Beige Trousers with Navy Jacket: This colour combination can be used to jazz up your style for numerous dressing scenarios. This is one of the most versatile combinations that look effortlessly good. Whether you are gearing up for lunch at a posh restaurant, strolling away some well-deserved leisure time on a vacation or attending a wedding reception, the combination of Navy with a light colour like beige creates a neat and a sophisticated combination that is going to bring out the best in you.

Grey trousers for men

Black Jacket with Grey trousers: This is for those of you who prefer the ‘smart look’ over anything else. The monochrome nature of a black jacket carries the majesty of a black suit. Couple this with a pair of grey trousers and get a combination that you can smarten up with a tie or dress down with a pair of penny loafer shoes.

blue blazer from RMC MKWS

Monotone: Who said that you have to wear a jacket and a pair of trousers in different colours? You can simply play around with the tones of the same colour to create some interesting combinations. But we would like to add that when going with monotones, it is best that you stick with shades of blue. Try a blue blazer of lighter shade with a darker tone of blue for your trousers. Finish this with brogue shoes in brown.

Tweed and Denim: If there is one combination that can revolutionize your wardrobe, it has got to be this. The rugged appearance of tweed is a natural partner that matches that of denim jeans. This combination is a classic smart-casual ensemble. This heavyweight combination is both practical and fantastic. It is ideal for one of those laid-back evenings at a club party or for when you are in the mood for fine dining. Do you know what takes this combination to the next level? Selvedge denim jeans of course. Try out our collection of denim jeans with a nice custom suit jacket made from tweed today to get a load of how awesome this combination really is.

Made to Measure suit

Also, reach out to us for your made to measure suiting needs. We can craft one for you and deliver it anywhere in the UK within 48 hours and anywhere in the world in less than 99 hours.