The Depp Style

The words ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Rockstar’ rarely go hand in hand. The world of the silver screen is significantly different from the Rock music world in the way each one of them is perceived individually. Johnny Depp and his demeanour seem to bridge this gap very well. Johnny is one of the most charismatic personalities in the film fraternity and his unique sense of style and dressing seems to add well to his enigmatic aura. Besides being well known for pulling off some radical fashion statements in his movies, Depp is also a master of personal style. His eccentric ensembles never fail to impress and create a sense of excitement. From his headgear to his jewellery and outfits it appears that he lives in a world of his own, a world where there are no boundaries and sartorial rules.

To be able to nail the Johnny Depp look, you need the following ingredients. It begins with jeans and boy are there a lot of varieties that he rocks. Faded, washed, ripped, distressed, you name it, Johnny has mastered it. There are also a lot of hats that are a part of his ensembles. Johnny has apparently never been one to conform to social norms and he creates his own trends. The Depp style is all about that ‘in your face’ look. His style also comprises of a lot of overcoats, t-shirts, blazers, rugged looking casuals and of course, his boots that have that ‘rustic’ yet unbelievably attractive look. Here is a closer look at some of the components of his trademark fashion elements.

mens Plaid shirts

The Depp Shirts: They comprise almost entirely of plaid shirts and solid coloured woollen shirts which he primarily uses for in his smart look. Plaid shirts or a white shirt with classic Indigo denim jeans and other jeans with calmer looking shades of blue are his go-to choice. This style is best worn with the sleeves of the shirt rolled up. Check out our collection of plaid shirts from Aquascutum, Gant, Paul Smith, Scotch and Soda, Fred Perry, Sugarcane, Carhartt, Armani Jeans, and RMC MKWS for some styling ideas based on this style.

The Depp Jackets: Johnny is frequently seen wearing a variety of jackets and overcoats during the winter and autumn. A nice dark coloured classic styled blazer with a suede leather jacket, trench coat (preferably in a tone of brown), or a bomber jacket will set the tone well for this style. Best worn with an oxford shirt and distressed denim jeans, he manages to reinvent the smart casual style in his own awesome way.

Lone Wolf boots

The Depp Boots: The way he wears his boots is nothing short of mind-blowing. One look at his radical sense of style with them will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of his style ideas in the first place. His choice of boots compliment his choice of denim jeans well and this combination has a grunge look. Made entirely out of rugged looking high top boots much like the collection of Lone wolf boots that we have in stock, Johnny’s boots are world famous.

The Depp Waistcoats: No one can pull of Waistcoats like Johnny Depp and take our word for it. It doesn’t matter if he is dressed in jeans or tailored trousers, his waistcoats are a big part of the style icon that he is. A novel way to add some of that radical charm of the movie star into your daily fashion is with them.