Men’s Dressing Up Guide for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is an important holiday and people start planning for this months ahead. Although Thanksgiving involves a lot of feasting with endless helpings of turkey and other delectable stuff, your fashion should not take a backseat. We are here to suggest a few important dressing tips just for the Thanksgiving holiday.

What you wear on Thanksgiving will mainly depend on the location, the people involved in the gathering, the weather, and what activities you have planned. It could be a simple family gathering at home or a huge gathering involving friends and colleagues at a restaurant or banquet hall maybe. You could be indoors throughout the day or you could be outdoor for a major period of time. It could be a small affair with your wife or girlfriend and friends or you could probably be meeting your in-laws or potential in-laws. Will you be taking your toddler along with you who could probably spit up or spill something? Will you be in the city or out of the country? Will it be cold weather or warm weather, etc. All these things have to be considered before you decide on how to dress for the occasion. Well, here are few safe bets that can help you tide through most of these scenarios:

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1. If you are spending your Thanksgiving in a colder climate with family and close friends which will be in a rather casual setting, then you can opt for an elegant sweater pulled over a nice dress shirt paired with dark blue straight leg jeans and classic sneakers. A scarf would add a nice finishing touch.

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2. In a scenario where the occasion is probably between a casual and formal affair, you can dress yourself up in dress pants in darker shades paired with a sharp looking dress shirt in white. The sweater could be optional in this, if it is too cold, you can opt for the sweater. Complete the ensemble with a trendy loafer or oxford shoe.

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3. If you are meeting your future in-laws, you can get some information about the social occasion first and plan as needed. By doing this you will come to know if her family spruces up or down for this important holiday or if they hold any customary outdoor sports such as football or basketball in their backyard or in a nearby park on this day or do they opt for any other outdoor activities such as hiking or rides on this day. Once you come to know the occasion you can either opt for tip no. 1 or tip no.2. You can also carry a change of dress if they plan on first working up their appetite with outdoor activities when you can opt for a sporty sweatshirt when out, and then for the dinner, you can change into formals.

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4. If it is a completely formal occasion such as a church or business Thanksgiving dinner or banquet you can opt for a made to measure suit. The fit will be perfect and will look sharp. Please avoid themed ties and opt for an elegant-looking tie. If you need to dress it down a bit, wear the made to measure pant with a bomber jacket. Do not add a tie to this look.

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We trust we’ve propelled you to raise the stakes on your style, especially for a Thanksgiving supper with your family and companions. With these tips, you are sure going to grab some admirers for your fashion sense this Thanksgiving. Missing a piece to complete your Thanksgiving ensemble? Check out our huge array of accessories for men to shop for a gift for those who you want to show your appreciation by making them feel special.