What is a Lounge Suit, and How to Rock It?

The lounge suit is a term that you don’t come across very often. It was designed in the early 19th century as something elegant and sophisticated for men to wear during the day. The classic men’s suit usually the all-black ensemble with a white dress shirt and the tuxedo were ideally considered to be more of a party item that a man back in the day wore to evening occasions that require a smart dress code. It has now found its way into the corporate world as the standard choice of a man who wants to make the best impression possible at all times.

To tell you the truth the words lounge suit encompasses everything including the usual two or three piece single or a double-breasted suit. That is usually what a dress code that mentions a lounge suit requires. Its relaxed yet majestic demeanour that uses the colours navy, grey or even green makes it a tad more casual in the books of fashion experts. Hence the need to give the standard suit that is not black in colour the name.

Lounge suits are usually crafted for comfort. They feature lighter materials and are tailored with less structure to keep a man feeling relaxed. This makes them ideal for a work environment where a great mix of comfort and dapper looks are an absolute necessity. Here are some suggestions to style up with lounge suits.

Boardroom Ready: Lighten your style up a little by choosing something like grey over the standard black suit. A beautiful pale blue coloured shirt with a burgundy or Cyan colour tie is a great way to begin. If you are a fan of the classic look, then go for a navy bespoke suit with the same light blue shirt. Complete the look with a pair of dark brown or black Oxford shoes to look like a man who has the capacity to handle the operations of a million dollar company, the next time you enter a boardroom or a high level meeting at the office.

Christian Burgess and Ben Alanwick at Niro

Linen for Summer: The airy look of linen will help you feel at ease during the heat of the summer. Linen suits also help you use light colours to your advantage. Pastel colours are usually not an ideal choice for a men’s suit, but with the lounge suit you can give them a go and still manage to look like you are not out of place at a summertime party. The relaxed look of this summertime lounge suit will help you explore some casual looks that are quite sophisticated in nature.

Go Green: Green is not usually a colour that is considered to be “ideal for a men’s suit.” By green we mean the elegant darker tones and not the ones that make you look like you are dressed for a Halloween party! When working well, green can make a powerful style statement. A classy lounge suit in green finished with a pair of formal shoes will help you stand apart.

Mens Checked Suit

Checks: Here is your chance to play around with the colour of the suit as well as the pattern. You can choose from suits based on the level of detail of the checked patterns on them. Again there are many colours to choose from. You can finish this look with a striped or a solid coloured tie, without drawing away too much attention from your made to measure suit. The checked suit is also a wonderful way of showing that you are a man of attention to detail.

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