Men’s Trousers – Fit, Style and Fabric

At the moment, it seems like jeans are the go-to pants for covering one’s legs. The comfort that they provide, their rocking good looks and the variety of colours and styles that they come in are one of the primary reasons why they are so popular and preferred. Today they are also smart enough to be used with sports coats and a blazer for some brilliant smart casual ensembles. But if you truly want to get into the game of style and be able to master it, the humble trousers are a great way to get off to a great start with that.

Trousers are a more traditional alternative to denim jeans. They have a vast and a rich heritage when it comes to their usage in a semi-casual and formal setting. For more than a century, men of different backgrounds, social statuses, economic classes and beliefs have been wearing them all over the world. They truly are a garment that binds men together. They have become an integral part of human history as a result of their widespread usage. Trousers lend themselves to be tweaked, adjusted, shortened and changed according to the individual’s needs. The following are some attributes that influence your style when wearing trousers.


There have been countless different styles of trousers. But today, there are two main styles that focus primarily on the front. First of all there is the flat-front trouser and second the pleated trouser. Pleated trousers are a more traditional approach to the trousers and they add a touch of style to an individual’s ensemble while giving the hips and the legs extra room and freedom to move. Bespoke pleated trousers are perfect for the business setting where more traditional styles are acceptable, though they can be worn for nearly all formal occasions.

Trousers for Men

Flat front trousers make them ideal for wearing with fitted jackets and sleek footwear like Monk shoes and Oxford shoes.

BODY TYPE: The style of trousers that you choose largely depends on personal preference and partly on body type. Slim and tall men tend to look great in both pleated and flat front trousers. If you fall under this body type it is ideal to avoid pleated trousers since they tend to impart a ‘bulky’ look to your body. It is imperative that you get a close understanding of your body type to be able to make the most of the smart looks that trousers can give to your attire.

FIT: Pleated trousers fit a little loose around the legs. Today the well-fitted style has become popular since it is a look that can accentuate your body type really well. There are some ‘hip’ styles of trousers that are available which give that low waist look. While this is not looked down upon, trousers that fit around the waist give you a well-proportioned look.

Mens Oxford Shoes

FOOTWEAR: Sleek footwear with pointed toes that are made out of leather is the ideal choice for wearing with trousers. The pointed appearance of Oxford shoes works well with flat fronted trousers. Brogues and flat toe designs work well with pleated trousers. All in all, polished leather footwear are an absolute necessity when you dress up in trousers and a shirt to be able to pull off the smart look well.

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