Your First Suit

Young men listen up!!

Every man gets to enjoy a lot of firsts in his life. For instance, driving for the first time it sure was a magical experience wasn’t it? Then come other important milestones like your first job interview, events like these are critical and they play a pivotal role in how the rest of your life turns out to be. For an important life event like this you are going to need a good friend, a great companion who is going to make you look good, you’re going to need a nice suit.

Mens Made to Measure Suit

A good suit is an absolute essential. In fact it is so important that the moment you decide not to invest in a good suit you are sort of gearing up for a handicap. A lot of young man think a suit is a clichéd outfit but believe us its importance in a man’s life is simply unfathomable, which is why you need to take the suit seriously. Usually the idea of owning a suit is met with apprehension and nervousness but there is absolutely no need for it because getting your first suit isn’t hard at all. You just need the right information and the right path to walk on.

So today we have decided to break down to the intricacies of what entails a good suit into simple rules that you should bear in mind. Ready? Here we go!

The Fit: A great foundation is necessary for us all to be able to do anything in life. The foundation of a great bespoke suit is an impeccable fit. The way to achieve this is by focusing on three main points. The shoulder, torso, fit at the waist and the overall length of you your suit. The line of your suit jacket must fit perfectly with your shoulder. The way your jacket fits at the torso is the most important aspect. A suit jacket that is too tight for you will end up forming the unpleasant ‘X’ shape in this region. Ideally, your jacket must fit you so closely that there should be no room for your fist to fit in between your suit jacket and shirt.

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The Appearance: Everything matters, including the fine details. Your choice of colour, pattern, the colour of the buttons of your shirt, the fabric of the suit and so on. We recommend that you stick to classic styles. They have stood the test of time. This means they are certain to work for you. Black, Navy and grey should be your ideal choices as a first suit. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, say at your prom, try and incorporate patterns into your choice of a dress shirt and maybe your silk necktie. Look to keep the suit jacket and trousers simple and solid coloured.

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The Shoes and the Socks: Every suit is made complete only with the right dress shoes and socks. It is very easy to overlook the importance of great footwear, but the moment you decide to make a compromise on them, consider all of the hard work that you have put in getting a great suit stitched for yourself, gone in an instant. Your choice of shoes should be nothing short of spectacular.