How to Pick Men’s Knitwear to Look Stunning this Spring

Spring is here and knitwear is the cosiest option to keep warm during this time. Knitwear has a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of that sweater grandma knitted for us. You can rekindle your love for knitwear by making the right choice from a wide array of knitted cardigans available at Niro Fashion. It is important to learn how to style your knitwear whether you pick a crew neck, shawl collared, buttoned, hooded, or zipped knitwear. Here is a quick glance at the common knitwear styles that you can pick from:

Crew Neck Knitwear

Crew Neck Knitwear: Classic, relaxed, and versatile, crew neck knitwear is ideal for the spring season. It is highly improbable that you already do not have a couple of these in your wardrobe as they offer a classic look and unparalleled comfort. Crew neck knitwear is so versatile that it can be matched with just about anything in your casual wardrobe from chinos to denim jeans. One of the best ways to style your crew neck jumpers is to match them with a pair of grey chinos to pull off a smart casual look. If you choose pastel coloured crew neck knitwear, it is recommended to go for black or another dark coloured trouser for a playful look.

Zipped Knitwear

Zipped Knitwear: Modern and extremely convenient, zipped knitwear is not just limited to winter and spring but can be used all year round. During extremely cold weather in winter, keeping the zip closed and having additional layers underneath or even over it is the ideal option. As the mercury rises in spring, you can sport zipped knitwear by keeping the zip open. They work well the rest of the year as a carry on when heading out for unstructured evening plans. Zipped knitwear add a distinct charm to your casual look and be it khakis, jeans, or trousers, there is possibly no bottom that it does not work well with.

mens Buttoned Knitwear

Buttoned Knitwear: The star of semi-formal events, buttoned knitwear is not to be mistaken for just another layer for warmth. Wearing it under your suit jacket is one of the best ways it can brighten your work look. Feeling too hot? Remove your suit jacket and you still look sharp. You can also wear buttoned knitwear with a silk necktie, dress shirt, Oxford shoes, and formal trousers to replace a vest or waistcoat. A simple tip that can add visual interest to your semi-formal look is to wear darker shades for evening events and lighter ones for daytime events.

Hooded Knitwear: For the youngsters who feel knitwear is for grandpa, hooded knitwear will make them think again. These can be as casual as you need them to be. Simply wear the hooded knitwear with a henley neck, v-neck, or your favourite crew neck t-shirt for a laid back casual look. You can also wear it with polo shirts and button-down shirts for a crisp look. It is a great choice to attend events that do not require you to be dressed up.