Secrets of the Folds

Folded sleeves of a men’s shirt can make or break a look. It all depends on how it is folded. For example, if you look at Michael Douglas’s light blue shirt with suspenders on from the 1987 movie Wallstreet you will realize that it looks so unkempt. The haphazardly folded sleeves show that the person is under some kind of stress. On the other hand, if you look at the shirt worn by Richard Gere in the 1980 movie American Gigolo, suddenly you will feel folded sleeves are so cool and sexy! It all depends on how the folding is done.

men's light blue shirt

When it comes to rolling up sleeves, there are traditionally four different folds, and let us talk about how to perfect each look.

1. The Two Turn Fold: This is a cool look for those guys with big forearms. Once you unbutton your sleeves, you just roll the cuff and then roll the sleeve over the cuff which will be two turns. Let the folds be neat without much creasing. This is one of the easiest rolls and can be done and undone quickly, especially when you have to do some work. If your arms are thin, then you can leave the placket button on so that it holds the folds in place.

men's long sleeved shirt

2. The Three Turn Fold: If you want to keep your rolled sleeves for a longer time, then the three turn fold is for you. It is similar to the two turn fold but just with an extra roll or fold. This is one of the basic rolls that most men use to fold their sleeves. Try not to keep the roll just above the elbow as it is going to cause a crease in it when you fold. Try to keep the roll of your long sleeved shirt either below the elbow or above the elbow for a neat look.

3. The Quadruple Fold: This is similar to the three turn fold, but with an extra fold, and this particular fold always ends up above the elbow. It gives a rather sturdy fold and stays above the elbow all day, thereby allowing you to do any work with ease. Since there are four turns to this look, try to fold each fold neatly so that it does not give a crumpled-up look.

men's long sleeve shirt

4. J. Crew Roll: In this amazing rolled-up sleeves look a little bit of the sleeve cuff can be visible above the fold and hence it looks stylish and unique. There are two ways of doing this, one above the elbow and one below the elbow. The fold below the elbow was popularized by President John F. Kennedy. It was his favourite type of fold. For this, once you have unbuttoned both the sleeve cuffs pull the cuffs up to around three quarters up the forearms just below the elbow. Now you can fold the remaining fabric over the cuff and keep in mind to keep a little bit of the sleeve cuff peeping out of the roll. This gives a fantastic look to the folded long sleeve shirt. If you want to do it above the elbow the procedure is similar but you just roll it above the elbow. This will especially look great on a shirt with contrast sleeves with a sliver of cuff poking out of the roll. Also, this is a very sturdy fold and will keep the rolled-up sleeves in place and intact throughout the day.

These are some of the basic and important sleeve roll methods, try each one and see which suits you the best!