Men’s Wallet Buying Guide

Men are simpler creatures, they do not like complications, hence even their contraption to carry all that is essential for them is also extremely simplified by designers, and it is the wallet! The wallet is one of the most important inventions in a man’s world and without a wallet, a man’s ensemble is never complete. It is that important accessory that carries all that is essential to the particular man like the money, credit cards, visiting cards, change, driver’s license, etc. These are all extremely essential and it has to be easily accessible at any point of time for a man and hence the wallet comes in handy.

mens Bi-Fold Wallet

The two most popular types of wallets are:

  • Bi-Fold Wallet: This is the most common type of wallet used by men. It comes in a variety of materials like leather, faux leather, denim, synthetic, etc. This is the ideal wallet that men usually go for as it is slim and compact and fits in just about any shirt, jacket, or trouser pockets. If you are a man of minimalism, like you prefer to carry only a few important things in your wallet, then the bi-fold wallet is for you.
  • Tri-Fold Wallet: This is for those men who love carrying a little more than essential. Usually, men tend to carry a few currency bills, one or two credit cards, a driver’s license and that’s it. Then there are those men who want to add their library card, grocery discount cards, some visiting cards which are extremely important as you do not know when you run into a potential business lead. So the tri-fold wallet has three folds instead of two and can fit in a little extra stuff than a bi-fold does. This too comes in various materials.
mens Tri-Fold Wallet

Things to consider before buying a wallet

  1. Should Gel With Your Fashion Sense: A wallet is an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe and it resonates with the fashion sense of its owner. If you are that conventional and classy guy you would opt for rich black or brown leather wallets. If you are someone who would not hesitate to experiment but would not cross the classy lines can opt for darker shades of blue or green too. Those who do not believe in using leather can opt for various other materials like faux leather or cotton. Those who have a rather vibrant fashion sense can go for some colourful and printed wallets that come in various designs and embellishments.
  2. Use: As mentioned earlier, are you a person who want o keep lots of debit/credit cards and other cards, etc.? Then you should opt for wallets that have a lot of separate slots to store all these like a tri-fold wallet. If you are minimalistic then a simple bi-fold wallet would be good enough for you.
  3. Money: However advanced technology is, but it is always better to carry some cash for an emergency the old style. If you travel a lot then you might need a spacious purse to fit various sizes of currency. If you are in a habit of carrying coins, then there are wallets with a zip compartment available that will keep your coins safe from falling off.
  4. Price: Whatever type of wallet you choose it has to be easy on your old wallet. The price has to be reasonable but there is no point in opting for a cheap wallet as it is not going to last long, and fast fashion is frowned upon these days. So opt for something that is of pretty good quality, will last a long time, and comes at a fair price.

Hope these tips will help you find the wallet of your dreams!