Get Accustomed to Custom-Made Smart Casuals

A bespoke suit is the epitome of sartorial excellence. There is no other men s apparel piece on the face of the planet that can make a man look dapper, like a suit that is made to measure. If you are looking to dress smartly, nothing other than tailored pieces will do. At Niro Fashion, we have made a commitment to bring you the latest and the best in men’s fashion. At the top of our trade is our bespoke suit service. All you have to do is reach out to us with your measurement and we can take care of the rest. For all you busy bees who hardly have enough time to spare due to hectic work schedules and so on, we will even get this done on Skype! That’s right, we’ll guide you how to measure yourself so we can make spankingly brilliant suits made exactly for your body size.

But that is not all. We will make custom tailored pieces for your smart casual needs. We can fix you up with awesome tailor-made trousers or a suit jacket that are made to measure. Now you can use our made to measure suit service to get yourself some suave items that you can use with the rest of your casual wardrobe to create interesting style statements for your office place, social gatherings and of course when you hang out with your mates over the weekend!

Tailor-made custom pieces will help you bring the pure elegance and excellence of our made to measure suits into your arsenal of clothes that you can wear more often. A custom-made tailored blazer or a suit jacket that you can wear with your favourite, black or indigo denim jeans is going to be a lot more effective than it’s off the shelf counterpart. Same goes for tailored trousers as well. The main reasons why you must look to incorporate made to measure items in your smart casual fashion are as follows:-

blazer for men

A Custom Suit jacket makes a great blazer: The effect of a brilliant blazer on smart casual fashion needs no introductions. It is easily the single most effective apparel that adds great looks to your fashion. As a matter of fact, it is blazers that put the ‘Smart’ into Smart casual! Chances are, you have many great chino trousers and jeans in your wardrobe. You have been looking for a blazer that works well with most of them. Needless to say, it is quite a daunting task when you decide to go with off the shelf options. With Niro Fashion’s made to measure suit services, you can just order a suit jacket that will work flawlessly with your denim jeans and chino pants. After all, a standalone suit jacket is basically a good blazer.

tailored trousers

Tailored trousers work: Denim jeans and chino trousers are great. But they come with limitations. For starters, when compared to tailored pants, they fall short in terms of sophistication. There is something polished and awe-inspiring about tailored trousers. Which is exactly why you must start wearing them! We will help you get some great tailored pants made for you that will go well with your oxford and patterned shirts.

made to measure suit service

Get the patterns: We offer some interesting patterns with made to measure suits and they also come with interesting style cues. You usually do not get these custom style cues with off-the-shelf smart casual considerations. Revolutionize your smart casual fashion by ordering custom formal attire pieces.

Get accustomed to custom smart casual apparel gentlemen!