How to Wear PinStriped Suits

The British bankers brought pin-striped suits into mainstream fashion. It was during the early 19th century that bank employees in the United Kingdom wore striped suits. Each bank had its own style of stripes and this told the people of that era which bank the employee was from. Some stripes were thicker and some even had subtle tones of colours to them. This setting was not very different from the concept of school uniforms for children. From here they went on to become the go-to choice for movie stars, businessmen and even world-renowned members of the mafia who loved to make a powerful style statement with their attire.

Today pinstriped suits are perceived differently. There is simply so much you can do with them. They are not seen just as a way for rich men to create an eccentric style statement any more. You can dress them up or down on demand with hardly any effort at all. They bring lots of style, elegance and sophistication to your attire. Here are top ways for you to rock those pinstripes with tailored clothing.

pinstripe suits

Shades of Blue: The colour blue and tailored clothing are a match made in heaven. The colour blue gives a suit a polished look that has plenty on offer for your formal fashion. A blue striped suit happens to be a great foundation that you can dress up or down on demand. A navy blue suit with thin stripes, a white shirt and Oxford shoes make for a look that is going to get you second looks in hardly any time at all. At the same time, you can dress this suit down with a pair of trainer shoes and a casual shirt. It is all good.

Striped Down: Striped tailored trousers with a pullover is a combination that carries a lot of smart casual goodness. This approach of having ‘separates’ is more relaxed and effective at the same time. This is another one of those looks whose style is augmented with the use of trainer shoes. It also happens to be a novel way to pull off the ‘rich businessman on a holiday’ look. Substitute the trainer shoes for brogues and throw on a solid coloured blazer that matches the colour of your striped trouser to dress this look up.

Clean and Elegant: A pinstripe suit worn over a plain t-shirt without a lot of variations makes for a clean and a refined look. Choose a suit that has a minimalist pattern for this look. This is a superb way to wear the pinstriped suit with an interesting variation included into the mix. Play around with the colour of the suit, the shoes and the plain t-shirt to get really good at this combination of the pinstriped suit. It is a wonderful look for the events that involve office colleagues and some leisure time away from the office.

mens pinstripe suit

Classic: It is hard to beat the effectiveness of a classic. We are talking about the classic British banker look here. This is a look that is still very powerful and of course, very relevant. It also emerges as a great way to mix up your office wear rotation. Accessorize this look with the modern day Oxford shoes to give it a new twist.

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