Cheswick Football Sweatshirts to Look Stylish this Spring

Fashion advice is abundantly available on the internet and one that you must have come across is to keep your sporting apparel exclusively for sporting activities. Well, this is not a piece of bad advice but with changing times casual fashion has taken a swift turn away from anything cumbersome to everything comfortable and practical. Sneakers or running shoes crossed over and became a cornerstone of casual fashion. It would have been great advice 20 years back but norms have changed a lot since the arrival and widespread adoption of athleisurewear into all spheres of casual fashion.

Wearing a sweatshirt with jogging bottoms, which is essentially a sporting, workout, or gym attire is becoming acceptable in several workplaces now. One of the apparel that have caught on well with this trend and suits the spring season seamlessly is the football sweatshirt. Fabric is one of the most important attributes of picking a football sweatshirt. Although you can find a lot of polyester football sweatshirts online, it is better to go with one made from pure cotton. Those who play football know that polyester sticks to your body and makes you more aerodynamic, helping you perform better. However, for casual use, it is better to pick a cotton-made sweatshirt for added comfort and breathability.

navy Cheswick Sweatshirt

Layering is another important thing to learn so that you can style it well. This is one of the best parts of picking a sweatshirt, it goes with a lot of things, let’s just say, almost everything casual. You can wear a t-shirt or even a collared shirt under it. You can wear it with jeans, jogging bottoms, track pants, and more. You can also wear a hoodie or jacket on top if it gets chilly while heading out. Don’t underestimate the power of a printed sweatshirt as it has a raw appeal that encompasses comfort and versatility. Sweatshirts allow you to dress it up for a smart-casual look and dress down to street or sporty look instantly.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings, and what could be a better start than reinventing your spring look! As the weather is beginning to warm up a bit, it is the perfect opportunity for you to add vigour back to your wardrobe. Start by storing your heavy quilted jackets to make room for sweatshirts and hoodies. Make sure that the sweatshirts you pick for spring have a ribbed hem and cuffs to prevent heat from escaping. Sweatshirts with no prints or designs might work for the office these days but when it comes to bringing out the youthful charm, you need a football sweatshirt.

Cheswick Sweatshirts

Cheswick is one of the best menswear brands when it comes to football sweatshirts. The vintage originality of apparel from Cheswick helps you stand out effortlessly as they ooze that 1940s charm. The college name, the football image and the text across the chest remind you of your school and college days. It gives a youthful look among a crowd of the same old trending turtle necks. The stripes make Cheswick sweatshirts more authentic. Available in ecru off white, grey, and navy colours, these sweatshirts are premium cotton for a warm feel and stunning look.