The Start-Up Code

Remember those days when you had to go to the office completely decked up? It is safe to say that those days do not exist anymore. Even places like banks that had quite the reputation of being pedantic about their dress codes have begun to take things easy, especially on Fridays. A growing number of workplaces are becoming more and more forgiving with their dress codes even during the weekdays. The primary reason behind this is the fact that formal clothing can be uncomfortable. As a result of this new trend, some office places see their employees opt for the use of casual clothes in their attire.

We know what you are thinking, but this is not just another discussion about how to wear smart casual clothing, but rather, this is about how to look like you are not an uptight individual who has no sense of style if he is robbed of his suit! That’s right, times have changed drastically with the advent of the ‘Start-Up’ culture. These new organizations full of young people are gaining a reputation for doing things, the unconventional way and they see an unconventional approach to a dress code as the norm. So the following tips are for you, if you are a part of this movement and if everyone in your office is a part of this new relaxed work environment where the suited up man is a symbol of a conditioned mind who has been raised to just follow norms. Ready? Here we go!

• Washed denims are in: Almost all fashion blogs that you look at will blare red flags in an instant, the moment Washed denim jeans are mentioned, even when talking about smart casual fashion. But we say that these jeans are a great way to add an attractive touch to your office wear. Just make sure to make them look sophisticated by using them with oxford shirts, Chelsea boots or even a blazer.

• Dark denims: They are a quintessential choice for you to add the ‘casual’ into your smart casual attire. dark coloured denim jeans are versatile and extremely effective. There simply are so many combinations that you can try with them. As it turns out, dark denim jeans are the go-to choice for smart men, to look stylish and sophisticated at the same time. Don’t believe us? Check out Elon Musk, the man who is about to change the world as we know it!

blue blazer from RMC MKWS

• The Navy Blazer is your best friend: Yes we know we said that the suited up man looks a little uptight in an environment where everyone is dressed colourfully and well. But hey, sophistication is something a man should never sacrifice on and a blazer is the best thing that can add a lot of it to your smart casual fashion. You must add a bespoke navy blazer to your wardrobe since its versatility will let you make an unbelievable number of combinations with it that you can wear to your office.

• Sneakers work: Yes they do, but only when you wear them well. Just like washed jeans, there is a very thin line between mature and stylish with it and looking like you just graduated from high school! When you use your sneakers, make sure that they are not too funky. Solid coloured sneakers work really well with t-shirts and a blazer, making you look like a man who knows his style.