The Suit Chronicles

There are two critical things that a man needs to focus on when suiting up. The first one is the fit. If you have been following our blogs regularly, you already know that we can’t stress about this enough. A well-fitting suit will accentuate your physique well. Something as simple as wearing a suit jacket that ends just a few centimetres before your wrist or a pair of trousers that rest on top of your heels can make all the difference. We have covered enough features on the importance of a great fit of a jacket. So today we are going to focus on the second critical aspect of dressing well in a suit. Matching all its components well.

To begin matching you need to have a few basic components in place. Why not begin with shirts? Start by selecting shirts that go well with a particular kind of a suit. A minimum of five shirts per suit is the recommended number that will make things easy when you are gearing up. Getting your shirt to work with your suit is the cornerstone of a great suited up look. Usually, people would tell you to begin with a plain white shirt. But there are plenty of other choices for shirts. Play it safe by going with neutral colours.

sky blue Oxford shirt

• The Shirt: A grey or a navy suit is the ideal choice for frequent wear. Especially with navy suits there are a wide variety of shirts that you can choose from that match well with it. A pink or a sky blue shirt are two splendid choices to wear with a navy suit if you find white to be too bland. Although the same colours work well with a grey suit, are much more versatile than a navy suit.

mens silk ties

• The Tie: A lot of men tend to think that a tie is a waste of fabric! Truth is, it is one of the most important parts of your suit. Try wearing your suit with and without a tie and try to gauge the response of the people around you. A great silk necktie completes your attire when you are dressed in a suit. It does so flawlessly when it accentuates your shirt. The simple approach to a tie is to try and match the colour tone of your shirt. It should complement the dominant shade of the suit with an overall colour or stripe, or opt for a pattern or colour that’s in contrast.

• The Socks: With an attire like a suit, any small mistake with any of the small components of the suit can spell disaster. The best approach with a sock is to match it with the colour of your trousers. Especially with tailor-made trousers there are times when they will ride up a little to expose your socks. This is the moment when the attention to detail of your suit matters. Socks and shoes are one of the critical aspects of this.

vegan black shoes

• The Shoes: With shoes black is the right choice. Well most of the time at least. With black or navy suits black leather shoes have to be the go-to choice for footwear. You can swap your black dress shoes in favour of dark brown coloured ones if you are heading out for a more casual occasion. With grey suits brown brings out the best of your style.

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