The Power of Impressions

“You only get one chance to make a great first impression.” This saying is absolutely true and many of us understand the value of this saying, the hard way. Growing up it is easy to get sucked into some fashion mistakes that appear to be ‘cool’ at that age. It is all fun and games until you pass out of school and college subsequently stepping into the real world. What many young men refuse to recognise is that the game called ‘life’ truly begins when they hit their 20s. It is all about first impressions once you are all grown up and are being addressed as ‘young man’. Since attire is a very important part of a great first impression, at Niro Fashion we passionately advocate the fact that men should give importance to ‘dressing sharp’ at a very young age.

But before we get into what to wear in order to look sharp, we need to first understand what dressing sharp actually means. Wearing clothes that make you look good giving you a neat and well-groomed look is what entails sharp dressing. Many young men do not give a lot of importance to a great fit, holding ‘fashion’ as an excuse. But the thing about well fitting clothes is that they have the ability to accentuate your natural posture, thus making you look more attractive off the bat. Style is not about embracing what mainstream fashion dictates. If you are mature enough to understand what kind of clothes your physique needs, the way you dress improves in an instant. The best way to get a headstart into this is by choosing a classic style. Irrespective of if you are wearing a bespoke suit or are dressed in casuals, considering your personal identity in the form of your height, build and physical appearance is the key to mastering style.

Thanks to mainstream music and pop culture, young people have the tendency to instantly forsake classic pieces of fashion, in favour of what is trending. The downside to this is that it becomes a bad habit, which takes a lot of time to unlearn. Remember that fashion that is derived from pop culture is never acceptable in a professional environment. But if you get into the good habit of introducing some classic styles into your fashion that fit your body well, you might just end up scoring points with people who matter in a professional environment when the time comes.

Niro Fashion Bespoke Suit for Men

With dressing sharp comes positive attention. It conveys to people that you are a man who thinks about the littlest of details and are sociable. Once you know that this is how people perceive you, then it gives your confidence a boost like never before. The positive psychological effects of being dressed well are well proven and documented. With confidence, you can do more. Confidence and self-respect are relative to each other. With confidence comes a heightened sense of self-respect which in turn enables people to respect you.

At Niro Fashion, we are on a mission to create well-dressed men by bringing the best of the latest fashion to the fingertips of our customers. We would love for our younger customers to give our store a visit and give our made to measure suit services a try. When you need a friend who can show you the best practices of achieving sartorial excellence. With us, a friend is what you shall get! Happy dressing!