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Our family have been protecting Canadians from the cold weather since 1921, inspired by the Moose’s ability to stay warm in the cold. A quest that founded Moose Knuckles Canada in 2009. The name is born from the silent presence of the Moose which leaves only the trace of it’s knuckles in the snow.

We create the toughest and most luxurious outerwear and sportswear with emphasis on unique designs, impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials and premium hardware. Our innovative product fused with style and warmth break the boundaries of traditional performance luxury. It's in Moose Knuckles' blood to continually seek new solutions to old problems. The fact that something works doesn't mean it's the best option, so our design team never stops troubleshooting.

Today, we continue to honour our heritage with innovative coats of unparalleled style and warmth. Born from the cold, made for the city. We are a family and a community, a tribe, and we wear it on our sleeves